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Actress CHARLOTTE BAYNE combines her sharp wit and edgy charm for a perfect balance between comedy and drama. Television audiences got a taste of her talents on a recent episode of Showtime’s provocative Masters of Sex, as the alluring but blunt surrogacy candidate Melanie Unger. This skilled actress also attracted fans online for her recurring role in the comedy web series Hairapy. Charlotte currently studies improv at the infamous Groundlings and acting technique at BGB Studio lead by Risa Bramon Garcia, one of the most respected names in Hollywood.


Originally from Seattle, Washington, Charlotte has always had two passions: acting and animals. After moving to Los Angeles, she cultivated her nurturing side, turning her love for animals into a thriving business. Today, Charlotte is the owner of Hiking Tails, a highly sought-after dog care business on the west side of Los Angeles.


Charlotte is grateful for each day and eager to tackle new challenges in those ahead.



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